Wi-Fi in-home monitoring

In general, European internet service providers report that up to 70% of all help desk calls involve in-home issues mostly related to Wi-Fi performance. Join our session to explore how to use Intelligent real-time monitoring for optimizing internet performance hence reducing support time and costs. High performance in-home Wi-Fi coverage is key for end-users to have an exceptional Internet experience.



  • Learn how monitoring can help 1st level Support to identify Wi-Fi problems
  • Sample business case shows how you can save money with Wi-Fi Monitoring
  • Learn what to do when neighbouring Wi-Fi disturb your customers Wi-Fi performance
  • How old end user devices influence the overall Wi-Fi performance
  • How simple advisories help the 1st level support
  • How collection of data helps you take your customer satisfaction and NPS score to the next level


Format: 55-60 min. presentation


Profiles: The webinar is designed for technical and commercial profiles and people within customer support.


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