Wi-Fi 6 - Insights & Technical deep dive

View an exclusive session that brings you Wi-Fi 6 tech insights and leave you with a clear understanding of what’s different and why it matters. The next generation wireless standard is much more than speed, it provides better performance in crowded areas and it comes with better stability and improved ability to handle interference
from competing signals.


  • Technology and trends from Industry expert
  • Learn about technologies like OFDMA, tighter modulation 1024QAM, MIMO, TWT, Advanced BF, power save enhancements, radio chains impact on performance
  • What are the benefits of 5x5:5 and 8x8:8 vs 4x4:4 and how does this relate to tri-band solutions
  • DFS usage and how 2.4ghz gets a new life
  • Performance vs. Power consumption

Explore and understand the wireless standard and the underlying technologies; How they are specified, what they offer and what benefits to expect.


Format: 45 min. presentation


Profiles: The webinar is designed for technical profiles with a basic understanding of wireless technologies.


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