Wi-Fi 6 - Commercial approach

Ready for Wi-Fi 6 or do you need a better understanding of the commercial drivers?

Viewing this webinar will leave you with an overview of the commercial aspects to consider. What are the pros and cons for choosing a pure marketing approach to meet market demands vs how to leverage the technology for delivering a better customer experience.



  • What does Wi-Fi 6 mean for in-home Wi-Fi
  • Is Wi-Fi 6 just a marketing claim or will it drive better in home Wi-Fi?
  • What should I offer to my customers - 5x5:5, 8x8:8
  • Is tri-band a solution to be considered
  • How fast is the market expected to move
  • How does Wi-Fi 6 work with meshed networks and how does it impact the need for AP’s
  • What happens on legacy clients and what performance benefits will they get from Wi-Fi 6?
  • What are the standards that are evolving - dockers, monitoring, easymesh


Format: 45 min. presentation


Profiles: The webinar is designed for commercial and technical profiles with a basic understanding of wireless technologies.

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