Future in-home network design

- how the right CPE strengthens business


Strengthening your business is always important - and fulfilling the customer experience is essential to stay competitive. At the same time, keeping up with new technologies to secure the customer experience most often is costly making it difficult to keep a low TCO.

Ultimately, the right choice of CPE makes an important differentiator when defining the future network design in the home! Explore how deploying in new ways will strengthen your business - separating the devices enables a much lower upgrade cost making it possible to keep up with new technologies and secure the customer experience.



  • Why deploy in new ways - benefits and opportunities
  • How to secure the full customer experience
  • Technology upgrade timelines - upgrade only what is needed or use the tech change to your advantage


When: December 14th 2022 at 1pm CET


Format: 45 min. live presentation including wrap-up chat session for in-depth questions.


Profiles: The webinar is designed for commercial and technical profiles with a basic understanding of FTTH technologies.


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