A path from 1G to 10G
- going from P2P to XGS-PON


Explore one of our customer's journeys from P2P to XGS-PON with Wi-Fi offering on top. You'll hear first-hand how they made the decision to upgrade and the steps they took to ensure a smooth transition. During the session, we'll discuss the reasons behind the move from P2P to XGS-PON, the key factors that influenced their decision and the benefits they are now experiencing as a result of the upgrade. We'll also be sharing their recommendations for others who may be considering a similar move. 

Whether you're already in the process of upgrading or just considering your options, this is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and understand the potential benefits of transitioning to XGS-PON.


  • Reasons for going from P2P to XGS-PON
  • Transition planning and handling
  • Benefits and expected business potential


JWE 1 

   Johan Westerberg

   VP Sales Nordics



When: May 9th 2023 - 1pm CEST


Format: 45 min. live presentation including wrap-up chat session for in-depth questions.


Profiles: The webinar is designed for commercial and technical profiles with a basic understanding of FTTH technologies. 


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