The power of data

- how to reduce churn, gain competitive advantage, and improve ARPU on your customers


Discover how to turn your customer insights into a competitive advantage. And learn how to use data to reduce churn, improve average revenue per user (ARPU), and create a better customer experience.

In today's fast-paced business environment, there is a growing need to differentiate and adapt your offerings. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is a crucial part of staying ahead of the competition. By gaining deeper insights into your customers' performance and internet usage, you can identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to address their needs.

At this webinar, we will look into the importance of data insights on in-home performance and internet usage, and show you how to leverage this information to boost customer satisfaction. Finally, we will also cover the GDPR considerations you need to make when handling customer data and discuss the benefits of owning and controlling data in a future perspective.



  • Why is data about customer in-home performance and usage important
  • How to leverage the data to improve customer satisfaction
  • What are the GDPR considerations to make
  • Why is it key to leverage data and to own the data of your customer behaviour and usage
  • Ideas on future usage



   Erik Søe-Pedersen

   Chief Commercial Officer



Format: 45 min. live presentation including wrap-up chat session for in-depth questions.


Profiles: The webinar is designed for commercial and technical profiles with a basic understanding of FTTH technologies. 


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